Wild, Woolly, Wonderful Critters for iPad and iPhone


Explore language while learning about critters.

Parents will find “Critters” to be a fun way to teach children new vocabulary, ask and answer questions, and practice great articulation.

There are six stimuli for each of 120 animal pictures: word; parentese; descriptive phrase; descriptive statement; functional statement; and the initial sound of the target word. Habitats include: House, Ranch/Farm, Forest, Mountain, Desert, Insect, River/Lake, Ocean, Africa, Jungle, Prairie/Grasslands, and Tundra/Arctic. This app is based on the Wild, Woolly, Wonderful Critters game from LocuTour’s Basic Words for Children CD.

If your device is capable of recording, there will be a microphone and speaker above the picture. Tap the microphone to begin recording. Say the target word or sentence. Then tap the speaker to hear the speech production played back. Use the CDI scoring buttons to score the production


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