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IH2 N JH IY1 N Y AH0 S  :  

1. Displaying genius or brilliance; tending to invent.
2. Characterized by genius; cleverly done or contrived.
3. Witty; original; shrewd; adroit; keen; sagacious.
[Source: Wiktionary]

Isaacson explains Jobs’s success, despite his lack of smarts, by saying he was a “genius,” or at least “ingenious,” and going on about intuition and wisdom and visual thinking ... Link the last few years, the amount of augmented reality apps and games has surged. While there are a ton of ingenious non-gaming ways to use AR on your smartphone, the vast majority of the games... Link

Hidden beneath the ho-hum sheetmetal, under the hard plastic dash and below the thin-pile carpet is an ingenious all-electric propulsion system. Link

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