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S AE1 NG G W IH2 N  :  

1. Having the colour of blood; red.
2. Having a bodily constitution characterised by a preponderance of blood over the other bodily humours, thought to be marked by irresponsible mirth; indulgent in pleasure to the exclusion of important matters.
3. Characterized by abundance and active circulation of blood.
4. Warm; ardent.
5. Anticipating the best; optimistic; not despondent; confident; full of hope.
[Source: Wiktionary]

confidently optimistic and cheerful
[Source: WordNet]

One should not be terribly sanguine about every new idea for a serious disease. Most new ideas fail, but these failures are what science is made of. Each failure can lead closer to real answers, answers that may, indeed, save lives. Link

Oddly, the paucity of high-profile contenders comes as party leaders have reason to feel sanguine about their prospects in 2010. Link

Norwegians are sanguine about their coughs and colds, toughing it out through low-grade infections.
"We don't throw antibiotics at every person with a fever. We tell them to hang on, wait and see, and we give them a Tylenol to feel better," says Haug.  Link

The executives who are making business plans for their companies, and who are looking at the cash flowing out and the empty order books, aren't so sanguine about the future.  Link

...if American students living in another country were forced to pledge allegiance to that country’s symbols of nationhood, then I’m not sure that the GOP would be so sanguine about it... Link

Democrats emerged from their own closed-door meeting with Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. generally sanguine about the deal, if not ecstatic. Link

Oliver Sacks has terminal cancer… Sacks seems, if not sanguine about the event, at least contented with the path of his life to date.  Link

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