Train Talk!

Ask and answer direct questions with a train theme.

Train Talk! Screenshot

Train Talk! is for children who love to talk about trains. This app helps direct their conversation toward learning to ask and answer “Wh” questions. There are 128 pictures with question prompts and sample answers to encourage turn taking, spontaneous speech, conversational skills, and auditory comprehension. Who knew train talk could be so much fun!

Target Audience: Appropriate for precocious pre-schoolers through adults who have a fondness for trains. Exercises will be interesting to adults with aphasia, apraxia, and dysarthria for speech, language, and literacy practice.

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Information for Professionals:

This is an excellent game for building auditory memory, practicing question formation, responding to questions, and practicing forming sentences with pronouns. Reading can also be practiced by turning the volume off.

A clear speech model is presented for the child to imitate and they can record and play back their own speech. The clinician can choose from three scoring methods. 1. Score each response as correct, distorted or incorrect. 2. Score responses as correct, distorted, substituted, or omitted. 3. Score productions based on whether they are spontaneously correct/incorrect or imitatively correct/incorrect.

This app is based on the Train Talk game from LocuTour’s Train Time CD.

Rationale: This task requires the ability to attend to a series of complex auditory stimuli, analyze the sound segments, and imitate these sounds in sequence. It requires auditory processing at the sound, syllable, phrase, and sentence levels with imitative or spontaneous expressive articulatory production.

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