Speech Therapy for children with unintelligible speech!

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Auditory practice at the sound, syllable, phrase, and sentence levels is the basis for phonology therapy. This app uses speech models that separate the target sound from the rest of the word. In this way, the error sound can be eliminated from the habitual motor sequence.

Tap on the sound buttons to listen to the target sound as it is provided in a word, with the target sound separated from the rest of the word, and an exaggerated target sound in the word context. Then listen to the target word used in a phrase, and sentence.

Use the microphone to record and play back the child’s speech.

Target Audience: Appropriate for children ages 3-5 with impaired speech intelligibility.

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Information for Professionals:

A clear speech model is presented for the child to imitate and they can record and play back their own speech. The clinician can choose from three scoring methods. 1. Score productions based on whether they are spontaneously correct/incorrect or imitatively correct/incorrect. 2. Score each response as correct, distorted or incorrect. 3. Score responses as correct, distorted, substituted, or omitted.

The clinician should alternate between the model and the client’s recorded production and stress the importance of the concept that, “Contrast aids perception.” Listen for the similarities and differences between the two productions. Have the client monitor their own speech and determine accuracy.

Rationale: Phonology is based on Hodson and Paden's approach to remediating unintelligible speech by repetition of target patterns. This task is the basis for phonology therapy.

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