Reading Comprehension at the Paragraph Level

Practice reading for comprehension.

Reading Comprehension at the Paragraph Level  Screenshot

This app has 37 stories about history, nature, and human interests. The student is asked to determine the main idea of the story, answer questions that rely on facts in the story, and make an inference that is supported by the story. At the end of each section, there is an open ended question for discussion.

Target Audience: This app is intended to be used by Speech-Language Pathologists and Special Education Teachers. It can be used for remediation of reading comprehension, attention and processing deficits due to learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, traumatic brain injury, or stroke.

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Information for Professionals:

Some individuals may need to address comprehension at the word or sentence level, but the eventual goal is comprehension at the paragraph level. It requires visual discrimination, and reading comprehension.

Higher level comprehension skills are required to understand the main idea, predict outcomes, conclude consequences, and evaluate the relevance of the material to personal life events. The app provides practice opportunities for improving reading comprehension and oral expressive language skills.

Rationale: The paragraphs require multiple processing skills in attention, memory and comprehension.

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