Show Me… Colors, Numbers, and Shapes

Learn receptive and expressive language skills.

Show Me… Colors, Numbers, and Shapes Screenshot

Children are often asked to do things like “count the number of red apples”. Before they can perform this direction, they must understand several “quality of” concepts. Specifically, they must understand colors, numbers, and shapes so they can follow the the entire direction.

This is a simple app for teaching colors, numbers, and shapes to children who will benefit from an app with no distractions.

Target Audience: Great for early language development or children with speech-language disorders with the target language age between 2-8 years.

Just $3.99 on the App Store.

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Information for Professionals:

is a forced-choice receptive and expressive language task developed by Speech-Language Pathologists to improve speech production, auditory comprehension, vocabulary and basic concepts in a forced-choice (FO2 and F04) format.

Responding to a direct request such as “Show Me…” is an important response. It indicates the receptive understanding of the command and the target word, and it shows the ability to demonstrate comprehension using an expressive motoric response. Expressive language can be encouraged by having the child name the target, use the word in a phrase, sentence, or short conversation.

This app introduces children to numbers, colors, and basic geometric shapes. Teaching colors and shapes introduces the “quality of” concept. Many early math programs ask children to “count the number of red apples” and this early language concept is important for understanding the entire direction.

The format is intentionally low key and simple in order to provide an uncomplicated background for learning colors, numbers, and shapes. The multisensory approach requires the child to listen to directions, repeat information aloud, and touch the screen to make choices.

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