Reading for Details Bundle

Three apps with stories for reading practice.

Reading for Details Bundle Screenshot

Reading for Details: Stories for Early Reading is the simplest of the series. The vocabulary and sentence structure are appropriate for early readers or children who are having difficulty with complex stories.

Reading for Details I has short sentences with words that are are appropriate for 1st—3rd grade readers. Paragraphs are usually short. Sentence structure is simple and information is directly stated. Stories generally have between 350 and 400 words.

Reading for Details II has stories written by authors from around the world and a vocabulary that should be familiar to 4th—6th grade students. Words and idiomatic phrases from other cultures are often used and defined in the stories. This adds an element of cultural diversity and allows the reader to see events from another's perspective.

Target Audience: These apps were designed for individuals who need extra practice with reading comprehension and learning how to recall specific details of stories. They are also appropriate for children and adults with traumatic brain injuries or stroke.

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Some individuals may need to address comprehension at the word or sentence level, but the eventual goal is comprehension at the paragraph and story level. It requires visual discrimination, and reading comprehension.

Higher level comprehension skills are required to understand the main idea, predict outcomes, conclude consequences, and evaluate the relevance of the material to personal life events. The app provides practice opportunities for improving reading comprehension and oral expressive language skills.