Phonology Bundle

Three apps for remediating unintelligible speech.

Phonology Bundle Screenshot

This bundle has three Phonology titles for auditory practice. They are all based on remediating unintelligible speech by repetition of target patterns.

In Phonology a clear speech model is presented for the child to imitate. The child listens to and repeats target sounds at the sound, syllable, phrase, and sentence levels. After listening carefully, they record and play back their own speech and score the result.

Minimal Pairs helps children discriminate between words that differ in pronunciation by one sound. They learn to hear the difference between words like “stop - top” and “rake - wake”.

Phonology Match Ups! is a challenging way to practice your good speech. Say the words as you turn over the cards to make matches. We often use it as a reward at the end of a session.

Target Audience: Appropriate for children ages 3-5 with impaired speech intelligibility.

Just $9.99 on the App Store.