Look! Listen! Learn Language!

Explore language while learning about critters.

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Is your child speaking in single words but having trouble with simple phrases and sentences?
Word Practice provides a model for step-by-step transition to full sentences. Colorful drawings or photos are presented in three categories: Common Verbs, Contrast Words like “over/under”, and Animals.
A clear speech model is presented for the child to imitate and they can record and play back their own speech. The clinician can choose from three scoring methods. 1. Score each response as correct, distorted or incorrect. 2. Score responses as correct, distorted, substituted, or omitted. 3. Score productions based on whether they are spontaneously correct/incorrect or imitatively correct/incorrect. SLPs will appreciate that this activity models more complex grammar and syntax for imitation.
This app uses the content from the Word Practice game from LocuTour’s Look! Listen! and Learn Language CD.

Target Audience: Great for early language development or children with speech-language disorders with target language age between 2-8 years.

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Rationale: This task requires the ability to attend to complex auditory stimuli and respond verbally. It encourages turn-taking, imitating, describing, questioning, answering, and playing with sounds and words. Learning these language concepts encourages verbal communication.

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