Attention Apps

Catch of the Day

A number search activity.

Catch of the Day Screenshot

The goal of Catch of the Day is to improve visual scanning and discrimination. The client will visually scan a field from left to right and top to bottom to discriminate numbers from letters. The objective is to find the three numbers in the field of letters as quickly as possible.

The clinician can set the level of difficulty. Or an option can be set to let the app increase the visual complexity of the field as the client increases speed and accuracy.
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Show Me… Colors, Numbers, and Shapes

Learn receptive and expressive language skills.

Show Me… Colors, Numbers, and Shapes Screenshot

Children are often asked to do things like “count the number of red apples”. Before they can perform this direction, they must understand several “quality of” concepts. Specifically, they must understand colors, numbers, and shapes so they can follow the the entire direction.

This is a simple app for teaching colors, numbers, and shapes to children who will benefit from an app with no distractions.
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And, Or, But… Following Simple Directions

Learning the little words.

And, Or, But… Following Simple Directions Screenshot

And, Or, But… requires the player to find the object on the screen that has a specified color, size, number, or spatial relationship.

There are four levels of difficulty and seven tasks: And, With; Qualitative Relationships - Size; Quantitative Relationships - Number; Spatial Relationships; Or; Negatives; and Challenge. The app can be used with English or Spanish text and sounds.

Responding to a direct request such as “Show Me…” is an important response. It indicates the receptive understanding of the command and the target word, and it shows the ability to demonstrate comprehension using an expressive motoric response.

The user can also change the voice that presents the prompts to a male voice or to a female voice in the Spanish language. If Spanish is chosen, the text below the items will be displayed in Spanish.

This app extends the concept of following simple one-step instructions and adds linguistic complexity.
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Match Ups!

Challenge your memory!

Match Ups! Screenshot

Match Ups! is one of our favorite games of all time. The first version of Match Ups! was added to our Attention and Memory:Volume I CD in 1996 and we’ve been enhancing it ever since. We reused many of your favorite card sets and made lots of new cards for this version. Old favorites include Contrasts, Verbs, and African animals as well as animal drawings and people from the Artic Practice app. You can also choose alphabet letters, numbers, geometric shapes, and emoji. For a real challenge, pick the cards that use the shapes from our And, Or, But… Following Simple Directions app.

The game starts out with you against the computer. At first the computer plays randomly, but you can make the game more challenging by increasing the computer’s skill level to Beginner, Good, or Expert. When playing in the expert level, the computer rarely makes a mistake—it is very hard to beat. You can also play with a friend. Just type their name in the second box and away you go. If you want to play by yourself, you can do that too.

All devices can display 4, 6, 16, 24, or 36 cards on the screen. Retina iPads, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus are large enough and clear enough to also display 48 and 64 cards on the screen. You can choose simple blue, green, purple, or red card backs or spice things up and choose fun backs.

You can pick from an English or Spanish language voice in the options. If the voice is in Spanish, the text will be as well.
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