Show Me…

Learn receptive and expressive language skills.

Show Me… Screenshot

Children learn animal names, verbs, and early concepts such as over/under, happy/sad. We ask them to "Show Me" the target. They respond with a tap on the screen to answer the prompt.

Double-tap on the picture to hear a descriptive sentence. e.g. “She can brush the horse’s hair.” Then record the child saying the sentence. Play it back to assess speech production and auditory memory.

Target Audience: Great for early language development or children with speech-language disorders with the target language age between 2-8 years.

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Information for Professionals:

Show Me… is a forced-choice (field-of-two FO2) receptive and expressive language task developed by Speech-Language Pathologists to improve speech production, auditory comprehension, vocabulary and basic concepts in a forced-choice (FO2) format.

A clear speech model is presented for the child to imitate. Record and play back the speech and score each response. The Correct, Distorted, and Incorrect buttons should be used for child specific targets and are provided as a counting tool for the SLP. The SLP can determine what target goal is being scored for each trial.

For example, for Child 1 you might want to score “attempts to imitate single words” as Correct, and score “no attempt to imitate” as Incorrect. The scoring for Child 2 may be, “novel sentence generation for target word” is Correct and “incomplete or no sentence generated” is Incorrect.

Rationale: Responding to a direct request such as “Show Me ...” is an important response. It indicates the receptive understanding of the command and the target word, and it shows the ability to demonstrate comprehension using an expressive motoric response. Expressive language can be encouraged by having the child name the target, use the word in a phrase, sentence, or short conversation.

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