Artic Games and More
550 Words with graphics for Articulation and Phonology
Eight games that will keep your clients glued to their seats and
asking for more speech therapy time!
Artic Games and More allows you to tailor each session for the needs of your client. Start by choosing a focus: Articulation, Phonology, Content, or It’s a... The focus area determines word choice and how the words are presented. The Articulation focus is organized by phoneme and cluster and presents words, phrases, sounds, and sentences. The Phonology focus is organized by speech pattern and is designed to elicit a large number of productions of the target patterns. The Content focus is designed for clients with fund of knowledge issues. The It’s a... focus provides cueing for clients with Aphasia and Apraxia. Next, choose your word list for the session based on the clients objectives. Save the word list and pick one of the eight games to start your lesson. Therapy was never so easy!

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