Artic Games and More
Send your students home with Just R’s, S’s, or L’s!
Artic Games and More has all of the words that you need when treating a variety of clients. That complexity is useful for a clinician but can be a bit confusing for parents and children working at home. We took away the complexity by focusing on just one letter in these easy to use CDs. Each CD contains the Word Practice and What’s Different games and lets the child practice words, sounds, phrases, sentences, questions, answers, and carrier phrases.

Artic Games and More
Play this classic game of picture-to-picture matching with a speech production twist. There are three levels for added complexity, and four children can play.
Artic Games and More
Use this game as a reward for a good session while teaching visualization and rotation skills as you pre-plan your moves for placing the pieces of the puzzle.
Artic Games and More
Secret Decoder
The student says the target word and enters in the secret code number of each target picture. There are three difficulty levels and a secret message at the end!
Artic Games - Just R
Word Practice
Practice saying the word in context with a short phrase and a sentence. Listen to a question and answer the question. Record your voice and play it back.
Artic Games - Just S
What's Different?
Catch those visual absurdities and notice what is same and different between the pictures. This is a great way to toss those target sounds into conversations.
Artic Games - Just L
Word Practice
Colorful drawings for each word give you a starting point for practicing the target sounds. Use our words, phrases, and sentences or make up your own!
Benchmark Pre-K: Speaks clearly enough to be understood by unfamiliar adults and uses appropriate levels of volume, tone, and inflection.
Benchmark K-2: Uses level-appropriate vocabulary in speech (e.g., number words, words that describe people, places, things, events, location, actions).

WN21-4 Artic Games and More $19
WN21-5 Artic Games - Just R $3
WN21-6 Artic Games - Just S $3
WN21-7 Artic Games - Just L $3
Affordable! Now parents can help with speech homework.

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