“It’s a... ” Bundle
Learn Vocabulary In Context
How many times did you use the carrier phrase, “It’s a...”, today?
This unique language program offers mini-tales that present main ideas, details, and interpretive questions that require higher order thinking about the people, places, and animals of Africa.
We combined 100 Pictures of food, 100 pictures of Everyday Objects, 100 Mixed pictures, 120 pictures of animals in their habitats, and 25 pictures of Spanish foods for a total of 445 vocabulary words to give you a comprehensive CD for developing basic vocabulary and treating Aphasia.
“Es...” Todo is a Spanish version of “It’s a...” Bundle. It includes “It’s a...” Food, “It’s a...” Animals, a Spanish language version of ABC, and a version of And a One, Two, Three! that has two to ten syllables to practice syllable segmentation in Spanish.
Its123 ItsABunny
Evidence Base: This seeing, hearing, and rehearsing process is a key feature of direct vocabulary instruction (Montgomery, 2007).
Evidence Base: Several types of cueing strategies to facilitate word recall are: phonetic cues, associative-semantic class cues, sentence completion, melodic stress cueing, and multiple choice cueing (Wiig and Semel, 1984).

WS31-1 “It’s a... ” Bundle $5
Therapy for Expressive
Naming Disorders

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