“It’s a... Safari”
Target Fluency and Reading Comprehension
Take your clients on an African Safari!
This unique language program offers mini-tales that present main ideas, details, and interpretive questions that require higher order thinking about the people, places, and animals of Africa.
The African Safari theme ties receptive and expressive language together to make an enjoyable process for reading, listening, and spelling.
There are 100 pictures organized into 10 groups. Each picture is accompanied by a main idea statement, three informative sentences, and one interpretive question. The target word is broken into syllables and sounds. Finally, the computer can dictate the target word for spelling practice. The reading level is approximately 5th grade.
SafariMenu Safari1
Evidence Base: Comprehension is defined as intentional thinking during which meaning is constructed through interactions between text and reader (Harris and Hodges, 1995). Readers derive meaning from text when they engage in intentional, problem solving thinking processes (National Reading Panel, 2000).

WS21-2 “It’s a... Safari” $5
Get ready to see wild animals up close!

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