LocuTour CDs are designed to meet the needs of speech pathologists, teachers, and parents. They can be used by children and adults at various skill levels. Most exercises have beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. Options are available to change the games to suit the way the therapist wants to do therapy. Because speech sounds are so important, the voices on the CDs are recorded at 16 bits, the same as music CDs. The photos are clear, colorful, and captivating. The screens are simple and uncluttered to help students with attention problems focus on the activity, but the games are engaging enough that both children and adults look forward to using them for therapy.

Ranges of Use

Because the CDs are so easy to use, students and clients can practice on their own. Even severely impaired students can get more therapy with the help of relatives and others who are not trained in rehab therapy. Parents and Speech Aides can be trained to work with students and clients, easing the load on overworked speech pathologists.