LocuTour Multimedia was started by a speech-language pathologist who was frustrated by the limitations of DOS-based programs. She wanted software that had real voices, photo-quality pictures, and the flexibility to adjust to the needs of different students. By 1994 she had filled up three filing cabinets with ideas for software for cognitive rehabilitation and speech therapy.

In May of 1994 she teamed up with her brother to begin work on Attention and Memory: Volume I. The response to the language based exercises in A&M led to the development of Articulation, Phonology, the Language Attention Bundle, and Look! Listen! and Learn Language!. While using these products with autistic children she found that they responded well to the computer and so developed Train Time with language, attention, and memory activities that are geared to the needs of autistic children and adults as well as those with related disorders. More titles followed based on feedback from our customers and our clients.

We noticed that children can learn to self-correct their speech when they record and play back their own voice and so all of our software has recording built in. Since many of the children who use our software also have ADD/ADHD our software is simple to use and distraction free. In 2012 we started converting our titles for use on the iPad because it allows high-quality recording and is so easy to use. And because the iPad can be easily passed around, it is perfect for individual and group therapy.