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LocuTour Guide to Sounds

These guides are meant to be used as a reference when using LocuTour software. They show how we categorize the sounds that are in words. For each sound we show how we: spell it, label it, classify it, and produce it. We show the IPA representation, spelling, and give examples.


Speech Visualization
Phonology Reproducibles
Articulation I: Consonant Phonemes
Articulation II: Consonant Clusters
Articulation III: Vowels + R and R Clusters
Articulation IV: R, S, L, Th
Artic Games & More
Articulation IV - Just L
Articulation IV - Just R
Articulation IV - Just S
Articulation IV - Just Th
Artic Games - Just L
Artic Games - Just R
Artic Games - Just S
Phonology I
Phonology II


Appearances can be Deceiving
Literacy: Phonemic Awareness
Literacy: 3 CD Set
Literacy: Rules, Rules, Rules!
Literacy: “Spelling Test on Friday!”
Literacy: Get Ready to Spell!
Sight Words DVD


Look! Listen! and Learn Language!: Reproducibles
Look! Listen! and Learn Language!
Train Time
Basic Words for Children
“It’s a... Safari”
“It’s a...” Bundle
Everyday Language I
Everyday Language II


Attention and Memory: Volume I
High Level Attention
Attention and Memory: Volume II

En español

Fonología en Español: Tratamiento
Fonología en Español: Dibujos y Actividades
Palabras Básicas para Los Niños
“Es ...” Todo

Client Manager

Client Manager

Rating Forms

Cognitive Objectives and Rating Form
Mental Control Chart

High Level Attention: Progress Charts

High Level Attention Goals
Hoops - 2 and 3
Hoops - 4 and 5
Catch of the Day
Stimulus Field Attention Training