Upgrading Your Software

Through the years, we have updated our software to fix minor bugs and to add support for new operating systems. If you get a new computer running Windows and our software stops working then check our update page for downloadable updates. We do not have downloadable upgrades for OSX users.

If your title is not on the list, or if you would like a new CD, you can upgrade for $9 per title. To receive updated CDs, follow these steps:

  1. Gather all of your LocuTour CDs together and put them into one envelope or box.
  2. We’re going to recycle them so we don’t care if they get broken.
  3. Make sure you only put in the CDs. Do not send us your cases, user manuals, or documentation.
  4. Prepare your payment
    • Make a check out to Learning Fundamentals, Inc. for $9 times the number of titles,
    • OR enclose a credit card number and expiration date,
    • OR enclose a Purchase Order—The charge is $79 ($85.32 including tax for CA residents)    and includes a copy of Client Manager.
  5. Mail the package to our office

Learning Fundamentals, Inc.
1130 Grove St.
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Within a week or two you will receive one updated CD for each LocuTour CD you sent. If you update more than three titles or use a purchase order your updates will be provided on a USB stick.