Windows Compatibility and Update List

Windows 2000/XP changed some of the underpinnings of the operating system and broke our software. We’ve fixed the issues and provided updates for many of our titles. The update will replace the small launch file that is currently on your computer. As far as we can tell, if our software runs under Windows 2000/XP it will run on Vista and Windows 7.

The list below contains all of the software titles that we have released. To the right of each title is a list of version numbers that are compatible with newer versions of Windows. If an update is available a link to the update file is displayed. Click on the link to download the update. (If you are using an older browser you may have to right-click and download the linked file.) The updates are between 4 and 15MB in size, so you probably won’t want to download them if you have dial-up access to the internet.

When the installer has finished downloading, double-click on it. The program will put some files on your computer that will allow you to use your existing CDs to play the games. When it is finished it will put a shortcut icon on your desktop so you can run the program.

Software Supported Version Update Version
100 Words for Children None
And a One, Two, Three: Volume 2 None
Appearances can be Deceiving All versions
Articulation I Versions 1.03 and above, not including versions 1.1 and 1.2 Version 1.8.1
Articulation II Version 1.03 and above Version 1.8.1
Articulation III Version 1.03 and above Version 1.8.1
Articulation Games and More All versions
Articulation IV All versions
Attention and Memory: Vol I Version 1.04 and above
Attention and Memory: Vol II All versions
Basic Words for Children Version 2.03 and above
Es Todo All versions
Essential Literacy None - see Literacy below.
Everyday Language I All versions
Everyday Language II All versions
High Level Attention Version 1.43 and above
(Note: Ignore the second dot -- 1.4.2 is 1.42)
High Level Attention - Client Manager Enabled All Versions
Individual Games From Attention and Memory None
It’s a ... Bundle All versions
It’s a ... Everyday Objects None
It’s a ... Food None
It’s a ... Mixed None
It’s a... Safari Version 1.01 and above
Language Attention Bundle None
Literacy - Phonemic Awareness Version 1.04 and above Version 1.8.1
Literacy - Rules, Rules, Rules Version 1.04 and above Version 1.8.1
Literacy - Spelling Test on Friday Version 1.04 and above Version 1.8.1
Literacy - Get Ready to Spell. Version 1.06 and above Version 3.0
Look, Listen, and Learn Language None REPLACED by Version 2
Look, Listen, and Learn Language Version 2 Version 2.01 and above Version 2.1
Look, Listen, and Learn Language! Tactiles All versions
Minimal Pairs Tactiles All versions
Palabras Basicas All versions
Phonology Version 1.5 and above Version 1.8.1
Phonology Tactiles All versions
Phonology II All versions
Spanish Phonology Version 1.03 and above Version 1.8.1
Spanish Phonology Tactiles All versions
Train Time Version 1.05 and above Version 1.8.1
Visual Perceptual Attention None
What’s Different Tactiles All versions