Client Manager

Track the Progress of Your Clients Over Time

Client Manager

Every speech professional knows how important it is to keep track of client progress. Client Manager lets you record all of the client information in one place and gives you more time to spend with your clients! For a limited time you can download it for free.

Target Audience: A tool for Clinicians to collect data from treatment sessions to assist with insurance billing and tracking progress.

Client Manager

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Information for Professionals:

With accurate progress reports, it is easier to tailor treatment to a client’s changing needs. We also know how hard it is to keep track of so many print-outs, handwritten notes, paper tests, and homework papers. Even if you take the time to record everything in one place, you can never record everything you might someday need to know.Client Manager will track the use of Client Manager-enabled software—including all LocuTour Multimedia products—as well as sessions that do not involve computer-based exercises. You can spend more time with your clients and less on paperwork!

  • Keep detailed records for each session.
  • Track and graph progress over time.
  • Collect data for functional outcomes measurement.
  • Prepare progress reports for IEPs and insurance.
  • Spend more time with your clients and less on paperwork!

Client Manager remembers results from every session and every game played by each client, and provides you with an easy interface for looking up stored information. You can generate charts of client progress


and print out progress reports


to keep as records, give to clients and parents, use in IEPs, and submit to insurance companies. Client Manager handles the paperwork so you can spend more time with your clients.

Buy CM and update your LocuTour CDs for Client Manager at no charge.

Now available for free on our downloads page.